Special Events

  1. Skill development programme to the farmers.
  2. Training to men and women practicing farmers.
  3. Vocational trainings to rural youth for self employment.
  4. Specialized trainings for extension functionaries in the district.
  5. Demonstration of viable agro techniques at farmers field.
  6. Telephonic consultancies to the farmers.
  7. Diagnostic services by the Scientist.
  8. SMS alters facility regarding ongoing agricultural operations to farmers time to time.
  9. Participatory seed production programmes at farmers field.
  10. Parthenium eradication awareness campaign.
  11. Rabi & Kharif abhiyan

Major Technology Intervention

  1. Dissemination of drudgery reduction technology among rural farm women.
  2. Promotion of double variety of Maize for cob and seed.
  3. Entrepreneurship development in the field of processed turmeric, packaged pulses, and vinegar.
  4. Popularization of seed treatment.
  5. Entrepreneurship development in dairy and poultry farming.
  6. Popularization of poplar in under agro- forestry system.
  7. Promotion of floriculture and olericulture.
  8. Emphasis on rejuvenation of old orchards.
  9. Promotion of IPM and INM through Green manuring, FYM ,vermi compost and Bio agents.
  10. Intercrop with sugarcane like sugarcane+ pulses and cucurbits.
  11. Promotion of seed production of cereal crops in 47 villages.